EVOTEL is in the enviable position of being able to offer first rate consultancy, utilising our vast knowledge base and excellent equipment.

Our team combines global expertise with local market knowledge: we have experience working across all parts of the telecoms and interrelated ecosystems in both developed and developing markets, and frequently work with telecoms operators, service providers, regulators and vendors.

Our consultancy services draw upon the experience of our consultancy team members providing detailed market information and analysis coverage.



EVOTEL is a specialist provider of engineering & training services to the telecommunications industry and for those just wishing to enhance their knowledge and qualifications.

Our unique leading edge courses in telecommunications that specialise in radio, wireless, 4th Generation and LTE-Advanced.

The courses are delivered in an informal fashion by industry experts. Our principal instructors have accrued years of experience from within the telecoms industry.


Smartvision: Video surveillance for smart cities is an extremely demanding service in terms of quality of service provisioning, security and delay guarantees, and requires high-performance wireless networks. The aim of this project is to provide secure video surveillance systems employing advanced network coding and state-of-the-art security techniques.


Over the last decades, mobile services rapidly grew from an accessory service to being an essential part of day to day life. This is reflected in the market penetration of mobile subscriptions which, according to latest figures, have more than matched match the world population.

What does the future hold?

For the operator: the increase in mobile traffic will demand for new ways in which operators can run their networks in a cost effective manner.

For the user: The future evolutionary roadmap suggest that phones will be smarter to allow users to access at the “touch of a button” any service at any time, connecting themselves to the best available network at the best possible time and place.

How can we contribute to this reality?

EVOTEL aims to adopt a proactive stance towards anticipating the future wireless world, with key product consultancy services, and training.