Project Portfolio

Ongoing Projects

Smart Homes 2020

Smart Homes 2020: Evotel are involved in an international research project that aims to create a unifying architecture and "ecosystem" (constituting platforms, tools and methodologies) that enable the seamless connection and cooperation of several types of network-connected entities, whether systems, machines, devices or humans equipped with handheld devices.


Autocon: aim is to deliver an innovative energy-efficient computing solution for the year 2016, which will benefit from emerging European semiconductor and software technologies to answer the requirements of embedded and cloud computing applications.


Smartvision: Video surveillance for smart cities is an extremely demanding service in terms of quality of service provisioning, security and delay guarantees, and requires high-performance wireless networks. The aim of this project is to provide secure video surveillance systems employing advanced network coding and state-of-the-art security techniques.


Technology innovation constitutes the backbone of EVOTEL: we are continuously seeking and validating new, emerging technologies, developing new ideas, concepts and solutions, and improving existing software applications and products.

Our team is fully engaged in developing, integrating, deploying, piloting, demonstrating and evaluating innovative technologies, utilities, features and processes, transferring technological know-how to end-user organizations and adapting breakthrough solutions to end-users' demands.

EVOTEL team participates in large, multidisciplinary consortiums in complex and innovative projects, including experts from universities, research institutes and industry across Europe, which partner to provide research, technology integration and skilled project management. Our R&D team members can demonstrate strong involvement in EC and National co-funded research programmes, though the design, development and implementation of research and technological development instruments.