Product Portfolio


    In collaboration with our partners LUXCON, we provide you the very latest in home automation systems.

    We can automate your home with smart lighting, heating, curtains, music, video and other household components, that can be controlled through apps on your smart phone or tablet, giving you total control of your home appliances and energy consumption.

    If you want the lights to turn off when you leave the house, shouldn’t the thermostat also turn down? Our mobile apps for home automation system can give you complete and automated control whether you're in or thousands of miles away!




    To complement IoT applications, our expertise also lies in security products.

    IoT can involve the transmission of sensitive data placing stringent requirements on the security design, and creating possible bottlenecks on market applications for IoT.

    EVOTEL develop security applications for small low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants and mobile phones, that includes intrusion detection systems.

    Our system:
    - identifies possible malicious threats on mobile devices and provide optimal mitigation technique in terms of computational requirements, device location and device usage.
    - will also adopt the notion of context-awareness by taking into account resource usage in mobile devices under threat.
    - can detect and provide an autonomous decision towards counteracting the threat exploiting a repository of security solutions.